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Sunday was our last day at the Inn... the Innkeepers were ever so pleasant... we could keep the cars parked by the Inn after check out; we could use the potty at the Wedgewood Inn, and we were even able to get a glass of Ice Tea and warm out of the oven peach cookies before we left New Hope for the airport. 

Of course we did have a lovely breakfast... after breakfast some went back to the arts and crafts show, and some walked over to Lambertville to explore the stores over there. Then Barbara and Moki met those ladies and we had lunch together. Barbara was nice enough to stuff the 5 of us and the dogs into her car and drive us back to the Inn for our final good byes... Valerie stayed at the Park Place Jewelers to wait for Jamie. After everyone left, Susan J. and Nedda walked back into town and did some more shopping. Of course the dogs were with them but they were carried a good part of the time. It was quite crowded with what seemed like a bikers convention... there were quite a few motorcycles named after Harley!!

Breakfast outside was a bit chilly but the warm pumpkin muffins and hot coffee helped!

Bijoux hasn't decided if breakfast is worth waking up for yet.

Hmmm, something might just smell good here....

Harley helps to keep Susan J. warm.

Sherry and Gracie shared breakfast too. 

Vicky and Barbara and Moki (the lap warmer) share breakfast.

Susan A. and Jaces share their breakfast....


After breakfast, Margaret headed home, then Valerie, Susan A., Barbara, and Jamie went shopping, Susan J., Sherry, Vicky, Nedda went to Lambertville, where we met up with Valerie and Susan A. at the jewelry store...Susan J. won the prize for the weekend's purchase...

We walked around town, found another pet boutique, and then it was time for lunch... Barbara met us for lunch and we headed to this little restaurant where we sat outside on the street... very Bohemian, very crowded, very fun and pretty good pizza too...

Bailey waiting for lunch.
Sherry, Barbara and Moki, Susan J. and Harley sporting a lavender hat, Susan A. is hidden a bit.

Barbara and Moki, Susan J. and Harley, Susan A. (this time you can see her), and Nedda with Bijoux.

Moki and Harley are talking about something... maybe they are waiting for food?

Someone is very very sleepy...

Where is that pizza???

Vicky and Beanie and Bailey awaiting their pizza.

After lunch we all went back to the Inn
and prepared to head home once again....

And as all good things must come to an end...

Home Friday Fun Ladies Doing Lunch Saturday Fun Buggy Ride Pajama Party Sunday More Pictures