Friday Fun
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Friday was THE day for meeting and greeting both old and new friends. We all shared some wonderful snacks, Mojitos, stories, and of course, the dogs! Late in the day we walked into town for lunch at The Landings Restaurant...go to "Ladies Doing Lunch" for the pictures. 

It was amazing, no matter where we went we attracted stares and questions of "Are we a Club?", Nope, a cult! was the fun answer we gave...When asked "What Kind of Dog are They?" the conversation went like this...
Jamie, Vicky, Sherry, Susan A, Barbara trying to hold the dogs on this wonderful rock we found near the Inn. 
Stranger on the street: Oh they are gorgeous.. so many white dogs... what kind of dog are they? 

Answer: they are a Coton/Cotawn de Tulear/Tuleair

Stranger on the street: a WHAT???? once we actually did get "a WHO?"

A man in his car stopped on the road, grabbed his cell camera and took a picture as we paraded down the street. A woman crossed the road to settle an argument with her lunch companions to find out what kind of dogs they were... it was quite a lot of fun! We did have to educate the people as to how to pet the dogs, not in circles, please, just straight back, thank you. And we had to educate them as to the fact that they are NOT a Maltese, Llasa Apso, Shitzu, Bichon but are related to several breeds, etc. 

The majority of the storekeepers were dog friendly and there were water bowls outside for all the dogs we saw walking the streets with their owners. There are 3 Dog Boutiques in town. And one over in Lambertville that we found as well. 

Evening activities included grooming the fall leaves and debris off the dogs..Jamie, Margaret grooming, Vicky and Barbara on the couch, Moki in front of Vicky.

Can you guess who this is???? 
I'll give you a clue... her name doesn't start with a 'B'!

Just how did you get so messy in so short a time!! Margaret is grooming Phoebe or Ollie... can't tell which. I think Jamie's Radar is in love with Margaret!
Valerie and Barney in the golden glow of flashlight!
Barbara and Moki
Barney, Beanie or Bailey, Bijoux
Next year, the dogs need name tags so we can tell them apart.


There were gift bags from Valerie and Jamie, and Susan and Nedda, and keychains from Sherry, and Bellybands and collars from Susan A., and here is Bailey helping himself to whatever is inside this one.

Home Friday Fun Ladies Doing Lunch Saturday Fun Buggy Ride Pajama Party Sunday More Pictures