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Home Me at 5 months old

an American Standard Poingle

Hi, I am visiting my cousins, Wendell de Dogg, a 5 year old West Highland White Terrier, and Bijoux de la Brume Oceane, a Coton de Tulear, while my parents, Caribou and Laura, are on a 6 week tour of the countryside.

My Granddam, Nedda, has created a simple page to document my activities so family members across the country can see what is happening with me and my canine cousins. My Granddog, Marvin, thinks Nedda has too much free time!!!

For the latest in news, stories and pictures scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Now for some pictures:

This one is a bit strange - my eyes really don't glow in the dark!
That's my dad, Caribou, lying next to me,
 on the floor. And my cousin, Wendell.

Here I am shortly after my parents left me - 8-7-00 - I am on my "Let Sleeping Dogs Lie" wonderful bed!  http://www.letsleepingdogslie.net is their website. 

Now you can see both Wendell and Bijoux - she's the one without the eyes!

Today is Friday - I have been here by myself since Tuesday, the 8th. My cousins are on the ARF-BARF Diet, while I eat Iams. I want their food but they aren't supposed to give it to me. This makes me sad. But my Granddam is sneaking some of their supplements and veggies and occasionally a piece of raw chicken wing or back or even a steak bone! Boy are my parents going to be upset!!!

You won't tell them will you? I hope not - it would spoil their trip and my fun!

My Granddam has to separate us when we are feeding - little Bijoux is nervous around me and wants to eat where she feels safe so Granddam has been putting out three feeding rugs!

Wendell is at the top of the picture and       This is me on the other side of the counter.
Bijoux is down here near the bottom.      
She is also the one with the hair.

This picture is an aerial view that shows where the dogs eat from time to time - the dynamics of where we all eat changes on a daily basis.

Here are some after dinner romping pictures. It was raining out so we couldn't go outside to play......


Being part Pointer I decided to point to Wendell - we were playing a game of hide and seek and chase around the dining room table.


This is my Granddog, Marvin, holding Bijoux, while I am trying to
get my neck scratched and Wendell is in the way! The basket in
the picture is not really laundry - it has some toys, grooming tools,
and a towel for drying us off.

That's all for right now.  I'm sure they will take more pictures!

Well, I said they would take some more - here are a couple of us enjoying some Rib Steak bones - YUMMY!

I must tell everyone what has happened to me lately - the other day my doggy-sitters had some corn on the cob for lunch and gave each one of us a cob to play with.  Well, Bijoux just licked it and started to eat it but they took it away from her after a few minutes. Wendell really went at it and chewed and chewed until there was only 1/2 a cob left and they took that away from him. I, on the other hand, did not want to play fetch with it - I wanted to savor it for another time so I proceeded to bury it behind and under some flowers and shrubs. They thought this was sooo cute, especially the way I used my long pointed nose to cover it up with the dirt.

Then, two days later, guess what ?  I dug it up - like a real dog - not like the "foo foo" dogs my cousins have turned into! It was, of course, all covered with dirt - just the way we dogs like it but my sitters wouldn't let me have it - the spoil -sports! They took it and tossed it into the composter but I know where it is (my big nose to the rescue) and one of these days, when they are not looking - I may just stand on my hind legs and reach in with my front paws and get it! That sure will be fun!.

This morning, Friday, August 25th, I messed up a great photo - op!    Both me and my buddy, Wendell, were sharing the couch in the greenhouse until Nedda came in with Bijoux to put her on the grooming table for some brushing. Oh yes, yesterday, we all got our dew claws trimmed and I got a very vigorous brushing - boy did the hair fly!!! Good thing it was done outside - clever people this humans!

Today I think I will help them dig some flowers and plants in (out) of their gardens. I don't think they appreciate my help.

Today, Saturday, August 26th, me and my buddy, Wendell, had us an adventure to beat all adventures!!!!

Marvin let us out as usual, in the back yard (6 acres), to do our morning rituals - you know the scoop - well, then he went back in the house - and guess what folks, we went a-hunting!!!!

When he came back out to get us we were no where in site - OH S- - T! he must have said. When Nedda got up and asked what was happening, he gave her the bad news - both dogs are missing!  I replied the same as he did - OH S- -T!  Not very nice of us perhaps but honest and true.

So Marvin got in the car and proceed to drive around our development and up the road and down the road - no sign of the dogs. Meanwhile Nedda was out on the back deck with Bijoux and gave a few shouts of WALLACE - WENDELL GET ON HOME; WENDELL - WALLACE COME! You get the idea..... then she heard barking and went out the garage door and there was Wallace with a surprise - and after a few minutes of LEAVE IT LEAVE IT he did! Then Wendell came home and Nedda called Marvin on the cell phone to let him know the dogs were back but he wasn't!

Apparently the dogs flushed out a creature and decided to chase after it into the tall grass and weeds of our neighbors back yard. But this time, they caught it - they still don't know whether it was me, Wallace, or Wendell, that did the catching. Nor do they know the location of the head and I am not telling - what a surprise awaits them somewhere!

You can see that Marvin doesn't look very happy about this situation!

Here are some new pictures that we thought were cute - notice the white dog on the spotted rug and the spotted dog on the white rug!



 Here we are all lounging together - watching TV,  sleeping, or  licking themseves.

That's it for now..

Well, today is Sunday, and we had another adventure - they allowed me to go swimming!!!! something I just love to do and don't get enough chance to do it. My parents promised I would be able to swim while they were away but my grandparents weren't that lenient ( I thought grandparents were supposed to be softies?)

Here we are getting ready to take a swim - Actually, if you look closely we are still leashed but we snuck a quick dip....

Here I am swimming across the "channel" -- now off leash, off course!

And, Finally, a good shake! Notice the ears on me and the mud on Wendell!

See you another day with another tail.....

When mom and dad finally came back to get me I was soooo happy to see them 
I had only one way to show them my happiness - with my tongue......they were afraid
I would forget them after 6 weeks - how could they think that?

My tongue was working overtime - I didn't know who to kiss first!

Well, I am finally back home in Richmond, VA with mom and dad. I was 
beginning to wonder where I was supposed to live. Here are some pictures 
taken the weekend we left Granddog and Granddam's home and headed south....

And we are off - it sure is crowded in here.......

Mom and Dad are really much better looking but they were tired from
all the traveling they had been doing. Here's a picture of them all cleaned up:

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You can email me c/o my granddam, Nedda at nedda@tomhannock.com