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Today I decided to sleep in and didn't wake up until 6:45 am and was ready to I am just waking up.

Before I could play I had to be changed.....and do my stretching exercises! 
Boy do I hate wet diapers....

The lights weren't turned on yet so it is still a touch dark.
Here we are doing our stretching exercises so we can grow longer or is it taller?
Grandpa Marvin is getting ready to tickle me with the "Dreaded Tickle Finger" a Honig tradition!
It was a chilly morning so I had to wear a jacket when we went out for our morning constitutional. 


You can see Wendell de Dogg's sore leg in this picture and you can see where the hair has grown in quite a bit. He would follow us whereever we walked.
4 pm. and I have been sleeping since 1:30 pm - a new record for my afternoon nap.
I am just starting to wake up in these pictures.

Grandpa Marvin was away for the day so Grandma Nedda didn't get to take too many pictures today and didn't get to put them here until Thursday morning. Plus the battery on the disk that transfers pictures from the camera to the computer they thought was bad since Grandma's computer couldn't read from the disk to transfer the pictures and she doesn't know how to use the USB cable on Grandpa's computer. So the pictures are a day late.

I think Mommy must be upset with Grandma or think Grandma minds her calling at 7 am every morning - because she didn't call today. I hope everything is okay over there across that big pond and at that other place they call England.

Oh yes, I got to talk to Mommy and Daddy yesterday - they think I have forgotten them but I haven't - I think I recognize their voices cause Grandma says my eyes get big and wide and I open my mouth in awe!


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