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Well, it's been almost a week that I arrived at my grandparents home in The Meadows and it's been lots of fun and excitement for them and for me. The first picture here is what my gourmet menu has consisted of but doesn't include the Rice Cereal (which I now eat straight) and formula. Some of these foods I liked better than others.

I think I am beginning to look like that baby on the pictures - by the way, last night I was weighed and I am up to 20.5 lbs. and growing every minute!

First we have to wake up....

Here are a couple of pictures from breakfast today. Then we went in the car to a store and Grandma bought some things for me to wear. 

Breakfast is a fun time for me.

After breakfast we have time to play before going out in the car.

I am not sure where I am going but you can see my Auntie Bijoux and Uncle Wendell in the background.

There I go again after the dogs water dish but it was scooped up before I could play in it. What a bunch of party poopers they are!

Just playing around.

Bijoux and I shared the little yellow ball that Bijoux had pushed with her nosie under the bouncer and was trying to get. When she finished playing with it, I started to.

Grandpa Marvin bought this lion rug for me to play or lay around on while I watch tv but Bijoux decided to share it with me. That's okay with me!


I went grocery shopping for the first time with my grandparents today and got to ride in the grocery cart. They put a blankie under me so it would be softer and cleaner. I also got to taste a bit of fried marlin - it tasted pretty good but I wish I knew what it was!!!!!

Now, I have saved the best series of pictures for last - they happened earlier in the day, when I was being changed but I wanted to save todays' best for last to surprise Mommy and Daddy.

I am growing up more and more every day. 

All I want to do is stand on my own feet.

I hope you liked these pictures Mommy and didn't cry too much to spoil your vacation. Daddy, you tell her I will do more tricks for Mommy when I see her - like a special raspberry with food in my mouth, or a special sneeze while I am eating, or even rubbing my food covered face on her favorite blouse! I will be happy to do all these special things for her when I see her again next week!



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