After a baby boy, born to Jewish parents, is 8 days old a special 
ritual circumcision known as a Bris is performed at the baby's home. 
Traditionally it is done by the baby's father but the father can 
give the honor to someone else. Usually that person is a special 
Rabbi called a Mohel. This Rabbi does several hundred circumcisions 
a year and travels around the country to do them.

We are tastefully sharing some of the pictures from this 
special day......

Before the ceremony the baby is held by one of the grandparents, 
then brought in to the ceremony by that grandparent.

Mommy Laura and Daddy Caribou were a bit nervous....

When Rabbi Malka asked for a beer everyone was very surprised.
We were all wondering if it was for him and were thinking about how
steady his hand would be after having the beer. You could hear the
sigh of relief when he handed it to Laura to get her to relax. It also
helped everyone here to relax too.

After the actual circumcision the baby, that would be me, is handed 
to another grandparent - today that would be Melinda, Laura's mom,
and blessings are said.  The baby is given his official Hebrew name, 
Jakov Evan, which translates into Jacob Stone.

After the prayers and rituals are over, everyone has a glass of wine, a
piece of cake, and relaxes.

Grandma Melinda holds a very sleepy me, while Monica holds her
daughter, Layla, who is only 1 year old but was very well behaved.


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