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Tuesday, July 23rd, started off with a phone call from Mommy over there in England missing me and she was given all the details of my morning and my day yesterday. Then Grandma Melinda called to see how everyone was doing too

My day started with some play time after breakfast and as you can see here I discovered the dogs water dish and had a great time playing with the water. If you look closely you can see the water splashing up.

After all this play time it was time for a nap again.  

Here is a picture of me on that mover's mat that my grandparents thought would be the limits of my crawling - boy were they wrong!

We had company today, Great Aunt Silvia and Uncle Mike came for a visit and lunch. Grandpa just took some videos of us.

Tonight was a bath night so here is a series of bath pictures. Please note that this is the same sink and area where the dogs are bathed. You can see the corner of their grooming table, clippers, and shampoos in the corner.

I don't mind sharing!

Grandma's Laundry room was turned into my nursery!


That's it for Tuesday, see you all tomorrow!  By the way, Mommy, I miss you and Daddy, and had a meltdown after we spoke and had to have my dinner early and a calming bath but I still fought sleep!


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