Florida Vacation
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We did all sorts of fun things on our vacation. After staying with Grandma and Grandpa for a few days, Mommy and Daddy and I set off on a road trip to Key West, Florida and did fun stuff like a boat ride thru the Everglades. Daddy will probably add some of those pictures to his KooToo Cinema pages.

Then we came back to Grandma and Grandpa's "hotel" as I liked to call it. We did some fun things together. We went to Lowry Park Zoo, Busch Gardens, two beaches (where we flew a big red kite), and the Florida Aquarium. I also went in their hot tub where I learned to swim with a long blue "noodle"!  I had never done this before!!!

Here are a few pictures to show what a good time we had.

That's a millipede I am petting at the Lowry Park Zoo.
Just like the Mommy Orangutan holding her baby, Daddy was holding me.

On another day we went to the beach and flew a kite and collected rocks.

Daddy is watching the kite way up in the sky.

We had a good time flying the kite.

We went on a SkyRide way up in the air - this is like a ski-lift (whatever that is?) We did get to see a lot more animals this way.

Can you find me in this picture????

Lock and Load, Baby!!!
At the Florida Aquarium we saw all sorts
 of different fish and turtles and my favorite, the shark!

I found a friend to talk to and was telling him about the fish!

Here is a picture of Daddy taking some pictures of a school of fish.....

Here is Mommy and Daddy relaxing at another beach on another day....
I discovered that my play cup had a hole in it....


Here are some pictures from
the time we spent at Grandma and Grandpa's "hotel"...

I think the only one who wanted to go to sleep was Wendell the dog. Not me or Daddy!

Here I am with my blue noodle learning to swim.

Grandma and I are swimming while her dog, Bijoux, watches us.
Here is Mommy, Grandma and me swimming.