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This November my grandparents, Marvin and Nedda, came to visit us here in California and then went on to visit my Aunt and Uncle in Rancho Mirage, CA. We had a fun time doing things together.

We had pizza one night for dinner, then I went to dinner with them by myself and had Chocolate Cake!  The next day we went to the beach with Daddy while Mommy rested so she wouldn't catch Daddy's cold! That night we all went to dinner together. One day I went to my very first movie theater and saw The Incredibles!  While waiting to go into the theater we went to Barnes & Nobles and also to Koo Koo Roo for lunch. Grandpa and Grandma bought me a math workbook that I looked at and liked. It is for first graders but I can do the work and I am only in kindergarten!

Is it still Halloween????

Here is a really good picture of my Dad!!

And here is my Grandpa Marvin - he was probably talking to Daddy!

Mommy and our cat, KooToo. He is 14 years old!


Here are a couple of pictures from school -
they aren't the best pictures because Grandma and Grandpa
were behind a one-way window watching me when
they picked me up at school. I am the one in the white 'muscle'
shirt closest to the window, and also sitting reading at story time.


Dinner at Hof's Hut - Mac & cheese, Fish chips, French fries,
Watermelon and Cantaloupe and of course, the best part - chocolate cake.
We did take some home to share..


It was not a really good day for kite flying but we tried anyway!


There was this great cliff that I would run and jump over in the sand!
What fun that was!!!


That's me in the middle of the picture - it's SOCCER SATURDAY!!


Grandma watches me eat my bbq'd chicken and cantaloupe at Koo Koo Roo's - a fast food restaurant while we waited for the movie to open for us!

We were rather impatient for the movie people to let us into the theater!


I have gotten really really good as roller blading but
I sure do have to wear a lot of safety equipment!!!


Here's is a special picture that Daddy took at Crazy Hair Day at School.

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