A view from The Meadows in Pittstown

Tomhannock Properties, LLC is a New York limited liability company owned by Peter E. Gibson and Marvin I. Honig.  For over 30 years Peter and Marvin have developed many residential communities in Pittstown, Brunswick, and Hoosick, and have also constructed commercial buildings and financed projects in the greater Capital District.  We are proud that we have made hundreds of home sites available from very affordable to very high end.  Unfortunately, the subdivision process in our northern Rensselaer County towns have made it too expensive to continue our creation of affordable communities.  However, we continue to look for interesting investment and development opportunities, and we self-finance non-residential mortages.  If you think that you have something that may be of interest to us, call Peter Gibson at 518-235-5245. 



Peter Gibson, on the right, reviews subdivision plans with a surveyor, 

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