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Welcome to the world of the Honig Family and Extended Family members with their e-mail addresses.....

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Marvin Honig

Nedda Honig
above is Wendell de Dogg's homepage
or go to for both dogs
above is Bijoux de la Brume Oceané's home page

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David A. Honig  Mary Poonen Honig
above is KooToo, the Cat's homepage 

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Isaac Honig, David and Mary's son
e-mail is in care of his dad

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S. Caribou Honig

Laura Oakes Honig

Use for him at home too.
their dogs, Wallace & Maddy, don't have a homepage, YET!

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Jacob Stone Honig, Caribou and Laura's eldest son
e-mail is care of his parents

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Benjamin Rivers Honig, Caribou and Laura's second son

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Michael Honig
Tuesday 7-30-02 Michael good one DSC01259.jpg (36077 bytes)





Marvin's sisters:

Sylvia Honig
I have 3 big dogs, write stories, poems and limericks!

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Lelia Honig Jabin and Mark Jabin

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Lelia and Mark's Family:

Gregory Jabin

Margaret Jabin (Greg's wife)

Valerie Jabin Alon Anthony Jabin

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Desiree Jabin Lara

Javier Lara
Desi's husband

Danika Lara

Colby James Lara links to  their mom's email address

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Margaret and Greg's Children:  (taken at Orlando, Fl - April, 2000)



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Marvin's Uncle and his family:

Mattie Greenspan

Sandy Greenspan Cain

Steven Greenspan

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Marvin's Cousin:

Risa (Honig) Muraven Stewart

Sandy Stewart
Preferred (text only - at work) (home) (work)

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Laura's Family:

Robert Oakes

Melinda Oakes

Anna-Rachel Oakes

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Nedda's Aunt:

Florence Klein

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 More cousins of Marvin, Sylvia and Lelia:

Marlee & Bruce Margulies

Robert & Debbie Margulies
above is their son, Grayson's Homepage

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Tamara Margulies Neifeld

Richard Neifeld

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Marvin's Aunt by marriage:

Jeannette Honig Barg & Henry Barg


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