Coton Spring Fling - 2007
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Is it the Mousekateers, the Coton-a-teers, the Micky Mouse Club or the Coton Mouse Club... you decide...

Heidi found these adorable ears at Disney and we all tried to get our dogs to pose with them...some were more cooperative than others...

              Gracie Mouse                                                                 Coco Mouse

               Buffy Mouse                                                                          Bijoux Mouse   

          Harley Mouse                                                                  Mon Cherie Mouse

Chipper Mouse                                                                                Wendell Mouse

         Romeo Mouse                                                                       Barney Mouse

Dining out with Cotons It's Party Time on Saturday...
Selby Gardens I''m All Ears!
Ice Cream Social Sunday Beach Day
Dog Portraits for Fun Flowers of Spring in Florida