We have Mala Sander to thank for these great pictures...... actually, it was her husband, Jeff who was the great photographer but Mala sent them on to us...... so thanks to both of them!!!!

    Some great looking ladies!!!

    Checking out Texaco Star

                A Coton Conference                                            Playing the Field

Why is Benedicte saying "Hands Up"?

Playing follow the leader, Shana, the Bichon.....



Jay and Laurie arrive and are given a big welcome
                        The joys of composting - amusements for the dogs!

Ritzi watches over everyone...

Bill and Susan Teschke
are talking with Mala,
Nedda  and Marvin        

                Texaco Star and perhaps Dottie
the background.

   The little Yorkie, Charday, owned by 
        Allan and Anita Skole.

Thank you, Mala, for sending these pictures to us.

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