More and more pictures......

Allan Skole, Jeff Sander and 
his lovely wife, Mala whom we 
all know as malasander@


Terry, Carol, and Anita share a conversation, while Marvin and Don talk cars...

What a way to spend the day!!!!

Love at first sight, Wendell and Razzle, Jeff and Mala Sander's Golden Retriever.

Wendell greets Laurie Spaulding and Jay Russell  after a long ride with their three cotons, Dottie, Texaco and Creamer!


Razzle had such a great time playing toss with a giant stick and frisbee that he forgot what he was doing and bit his own tongue. What a scary situation for a few minutes - everyone scurried around for ice, towels, aspirin- then someone noticed Jeff's shirt needed washing from the blood - so out came the cleaning fluid - BUT Razzle was fine a little while later, eating treats and ice cubes.  Would you believe Mala and Jeff wouldn't let us put a "gold stud" in Razzle's tongue - he had already pierced it and was ready !!!!

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