We are getting closer to the end, ......but until then, enjoy these pictures.....

Benedicte is snuggling with Texaco Star, Nedda is holding Bijoux and Wendell, Laurie is hiding behind Wendell, and Terri has Fluff and Tucker.

Nedda is wrestling with Wendell and has Bijoux in her lap, Laurie has a pup behind her, and Terri has Tucker in front of her with Fluff at her side.

Benedicte and Janette or Jaquot are at the top of the hill with Jeff Sander and Laurie Spaulding playing with Wendell, Texaco, Razzle and one other pup hiding in front of Laurie.

Jeff Sander, Benedicte Canelli, David Salmon, Laurie Spaulding, Terri and Mark Wallace with Ritzi, Texaco, Wendell, and several other Cotons.

  This is one of Jay's pictures that we really like!

Isn't it great?

Couldn't resist, sorry Jay!

And now, we have saved the best for last......The Group Pictures........