Finally, they are thinking, the Group Picture!

Yes, everyone, this is it - at least until I get more pictures from all these wonderful people who posed so graciously for us.

Back Row: Laurie Spaulding with Dottie and Texaco; Mala Sander with Tinkerbelle; Carol Skole with Fafi

Middle Row: Terri Kelly-Wallace (in white) holding Fluff; Razzle, Benedicte Canelli next to Jaquot

Front Row: Nedda Honig holding Bijoux, Wendell, Ritzi, and David Salmon holding Janette
Back Row: Bill Teschke and Susan Teschke holding Corky; Laurie Spaulding, Benedicte Canelli, Jeff Sander, Carol Skole, Anita Skole, Don Skole holding either Caesar the Maltese or Fafi the Coton.

Middle Row: Jay Russell, Mark Wallace holding Tucker, Mala Sander trying to hold Razzle, Shana, the Bichon keeping Anita Skole's feet warm

Front Row: Nedda Honig and Bijoux and Wendell (Marvin was focusing the camera)
Here the back row has Mark Wallace, Jay, Laurie, Mala and Jeff Sander, Carol Skoke, Allan Skoke, Anita Skole, Don Skole with Nedda, Terri, Benedicte and David in front of them.
This one's easy - Wendell de Dogg, resting!
or is he asking "What is happening next, Mom?"

We must end from where we started,
with another picture of Fluff and Tucker!

This really isn't the same as one of the other pictures - in this picture Jeff Sander is looking at the camera; Jay is looking up, and the Yorkie, Charday, on Anita's lap is looking away so we can't see its' face!

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Thank you all for coming. Thank you for wearing out our dogs - They haven't had that much fun in a dog's age! We had a wonderful time and if all goes well, and we are healthy and able, we will either go to or host another one next year!  Until then, send pictures to

Nedda and Marvin,  Wendell and Bijoux
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