And so, we continue......

Shortly after Jay and Laurie arrived everyone was gathered around Jay's car listening to Jay and watching Laurie feeding treats to the whatever dog hopped on two legs. There also was a brief discussion of "pizzles" - Only Jay brought one with him.

With everyone holding their cotons it is difficult to see all the puppies! Jay has just arrived in his Coton-Mobile!

Ritzi, a Bouvier des Flanders, brought by David Salmon and Benedicte Canelli of New York City. David and Benedicte are known by

Anita Skole is meeting Texaco Star, held by Laurie Spaulding for the first time.

Ritzie and one of the Cotons, are watching we don't know what,  with Shana, the Bichon in the background.

My neighbor, Leah, who has a Great Dane, Pug, and Siamese Cat,  had heard of our Coton breed but had never seen one "up close and kissing personal" until she met Bijoux. She was in for a real treat today!!!!

In case you are wondering what we ate - this was dessert -

We still have room for more pictures here
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Let's get going to see on the BBQ to continue