It really was difficult to tell some of the dogs apart from one another.... but they certainly were cute.

Fluff and Tucker, two of Jay's 
Oakshade Kennel rescue dogs 
are owned by Terry and Mark Wallace from Binghamton, New York.

They found the coolest spot on 
the deck to hide. Terry is 
known to us as

Charday is a Yorkie, owned by Allan and Anita Skole. Allan and Anita have a web address of
They should join the or
the to meet more great coton people.

She was accompanied by step siblings, Sasha, a Coton, andShana, a Bichon Frise.

Mark Wallace, Terry Wallace, 
Allan Skole, Jeff Sander,
Wendell de Dogg, and Don Skole are finding some shade and snacks under the umbrella.

We are hoping to get Don and 
his wife, Carol to join our lists. 
They are from Turners Falls, 
Massachusetts.  Their web address is

This is, I think, Caesar, a maltese,
with her mom,  Carol Skole.

Waiting for your pictures

Waiting for your pictures

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