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If you have any pictures you would like to share, please e-mail them
to us at or and we will share them with everyone.

The newest pictures will be towards the bottom of the page so you will have to scroll down.

Also, if you have pictures but no way to send them, just mail them to us
at 4845 Quill Court, Palm Harbor, FL 34685, and we will scan them in and return the originals to you.

This picture was taken in front of the Capt. J.P. before our boat trip on the Hudson River during the 40th Reunion weekend.  Can you identify any of the people.... to see if you are correct, scroll down a bit for the answers

Answer: from left to right:
Dewey Loeffel, Kent Sheldon, Jeannette Sheldon, Bob Van Voris,
Charlene Petsch, Marvin Honig, Nedda Honig, Ernest Snyder,
Betsy Snyder, and Carol Loeffel.

To see more pictures from
 the 35th Reunion click on me ,      

Does this bring back memories?

This starts our "rogues gallery" of photos.....

                Drusilla Smith Webber  - 1954     Don and Drusilla Webber - 1995         Don, Dru, and daughter Rachel 2009

Marie Dornauer Carpenter and her husband Mike with Nedda Honig in the middle, taken August 26, 2000.