I have been wondering what became of my fellow second lieutenants who courageously endured the rigors of OBC#2 for six grueling months of service at Uncle Benny's Rest Home.  The only fellow officer that I ever saw after we were sent back to the civilian world was Dick Bryan.  Although an officer and gentlemen when we knew him, he became a lawyer.  After 2 terms as senator from Nevada, he left Washington (about the same time as Bill Clinton) and returned to practice law.  Anyway, if any of you are out there, drop me an e-mail about what you are doing now, and your favorite war story.  I'll share any responses. 

According to my records, our class consisted of the following:

Robert E. Archer retired English teacher living in California geoarcher@netzero.net
John L. Blandford    
Joe R. Boothe    
Sydney P. Britt    
Richard H. Bryan an attorney practicing law in Las Vegas. rbryan@lionelsawyer.com
George R. Buck, Jr.    
Ronald J. Casey    
James P. Chadbourne    
George J. Clements    
Robert G. Darst    
Dennis L. Durigan    
Myron J. Fleck    
Joe W. Fleming II    
Marshall S. Ginsburg    
Marvin I. Honig                an attorney living in upstate NY and Florida.    mhonig@tomhannock.com
Daniel W. Howe professor of history at UCLA  howe@history.ucla.edu
George H. Imorde, Jr.    retired colonel now living in Virginia.  gimorde@earthlink.net
Joseph A. Jeziorski    
James M. Johnson    
Carl H. Jones, Jr.    
William J. Joyce    
William C. Kubicz    
Joseph R. Lawlor    
Terence W. Lerner    
Josef A. Levi   an artist now living in NYC janjos7777@aol.com
Thomas N. Macon    
William  E. Meade    
William J. Monck    
Edward T. Mulkern    
Byron L. Poelman  an attorney practicing in Salt Lake City lpoelman@kmclaw.com
Robert G. Rowan    
Ronnie M. Saul    
Raymond F. Schuler    
William H. Simmons    
Thomas J. Smith    
Scott G. Stultz    
Homer L. Tumlinson    
William H. Wester II    

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