The 2009 Southern coton weekend


Time once again for what has become the Honig’s Annual Coton de Tulear Party... it has moved from upstate New York in the fall, to Palm Harbor, Florida in the spring. Usually held the last weekend of March, with glorious weather, which held true again this year until the Sunday after the party. But! Thursday, when some guests arrived in our area, and Friday, the day of the Ice Cream Social at Ritters Frozen Custard, and on into Saturday, the “Main Event”, the weather cooperated and gave us sunshine and warmth to greet our northern guests. Saturday was a bit humid in the morning but we persevered and hung out indoors until the weather turned back in our favor with glorious sunshine and brisk tropical breezes... Very brisk breezes... The Coton hair was flying!

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Nedda, Marvin, Bijoux and Wendell Honig

A fun weekend... march 26-28, 2009