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Last year we started a new tradition... the Friday before the party some of us get together at the local Ritter's frozen custard store that is also very dog friendly. They let us bring the dogs in with us to place our order which is really very accommodating of them. We all look forward to this afternoon event.

This year, Nedda and Bijoux, Anne and her new Westie puppy, Lady, Valerie and Barney, Heidi and MC, Sherry and her baby Gracie, Susan J. with Harley and Sophie, and Bill, a friend of Susan A. (who had to leave her JoJo home because the mean airlines wanted to put him in cargo and that is a no-no!) came to the "Ice Cream Social" as it is called.

Part of the group... Susan J is feeding Sophie,
Sherry behind her is feeding Gracie, Nedda is
talking to someone, Heidi is kneeling feeding
MC who is being held by Valerie sitting next to
Susan A.

Bijoux wondering what the heck is happening...
she doesn't eat ice cream although one would
not know that by her svelte figure! 

Heidi holds MC;

Susan, don't you know you are
supposed to share!!!

Sophie is standing up,
Harley is sniffing Lady, Anne's
Westie pup.

Thank you Mommy, the doggies said...

Whose that hiding behind MC???

Anne,  Susan J., Sophie, Sherry

Anne with Sophie and Lady

Gracie still has some frozen custard on her lower lip...

How cute is that!!!


Lady and Sophie getting fed by Anne.

From front to back, Harley, Barney, and MC
sharing a spoonful of loving...

Nedda, Susan A, Valerie (holding MC),
Sophie is climbing onto Valerie,
Bijoux is in front of Nedda, Harley is near
Barney and you can just see his eyes and nose.

Sophie gets belly rubs from Anne,
while Lady checks Sophie out...
I think Lady approved! 

Susan, Susan, Valerie, Nedda holding Bijoux

Susan, Susan, Bill, Valerie behind Nedda.
Harley is at Susan's feet, Bijoux in
Nedda's lap..

one can always tell who is taking the
picture by who is missing from the
picture... Sherry

Why do all the pictures show our mouths open???
Could it be because we are always talking?

That's what happens when you get a group
of friends together who haven't seen each
other in a while....

MC is getting some ice cream while Barney waits his turn.
Now it is Barney's turn for some ice cream.

Heidi is feeding Barney and Harley and MC - she can't feed them fast enough..


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