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Every party has to have lots of people... they are the ones who drive the dogs to the party, or they are the ones who carry the dogs on the airplanes - silly airlines won't let the dogs just walk aboard like everyone else... so here is where you will see pictures of people; people talking to people; people holding dogs; people playing with dogs.

The lanai where all the action took place.

Anne, from Florida,  and a puppy...


Bill, all the way from Texas.

Bill petting Sophie..

Bruce from NY


Party favors and a stuffed Coton.

Heidi from Illinois, Ursula and Dhana from Germany.

Jennifer, Susan J., from Florida, Ursula, Dhana, Miriam and in front of Miriam, Theresa, from Florida.


Jennifer and one of the puppies.
Karyl, from Florida with her Coco, the love of Barney.


Miriam, from Germany, holding Jill,
one of the rescue puppies here.

Susan A., from TX, talking to Heidi, with Marvin (in the red shirt), 
and Miriam and Ursula petting Wendell while Dhana watches her mommy.

Nedda getting ready to cut the Coton Cake.

Count the puppies... one, two, three, four... 
whose the cutest one of all?

Marvin is waiting with camera at the ready..

Sherry and Sandy.. Sandy came to see what Coton puppies look like and also 
what they are like when all grown up... With 20 dogs here she was able to see a great variety of Cotons.

Susan and Bill from TX.

Susan J. from Florida

A very happy Tom with his Jolie.. Both are from Michigan.

Tom's wife, Marlies, takes his picture on the lanai.. 
Is that Jolie he is holding...

Here is Marlies with Ford and Jolie... Now you can see her pretty face...
Adrianne from Georgia.


Anne holding one white puppy, Valerie playing with Chipper, Bruce watching them and David capturing it all on camera..

A quiet moment of reflection for Bill, from TX, and Harley.

David, Sandy, from Florida, Sherry chat with Bill.

No one and no dogs fell into the hot tub. Fortunately, although I did have plenty of towels if needed.

Jeff, Susan J's husband;

Adrianne about to say something, Karyl hugging Coco, Susan A. and Bill in the living room.

Karyl holds Coco, while her suitor, Barney tries to talk to'on, Coco, let's go make some whoopee!  Coco wasn't interested..


Karyl smiling as she chats with someone off camera...

Karyl, Deb, Adrianne watch as Sprocket checks out Coco.

This is Adrianne's sister, Kathryn, from Lake Mary, Florida. I think she is holding Lola on her lap.

Marlies is petting Dhana while Ursula watches.
Adrianne is in the back of the picture and you can just see Erhard's shoulder.

Marlies and Ford, one of the two black and white Cotons at the party.
A better picture of Erhard, while Nedda serves him some dessert, while Miriam waits her turn.

Valerie and her husband win the prize for driving 
the most miles to the party this year        


Sherry, from Indiana, holds Gracie at dinner on Thursday night.

Nedda and Marvin

Tom takes Ford and another white Coton out for a potty break.

It's puppy heaven...

Theresa and Sophie. 
Theresa's Bichon Frise, Romeo, was home not feeling too well so she shared Sophie.

Rebecca and her puppies.

Anne and Chipper




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