Another day at the beach.......


On Thursday, Heidi, Sharon, met with Theresa and Nedda and all of us went to the beach again - so that was 4 humans and 5 dogs!  It was hectic balancing all the leashes but it was fun and there was no ranger nearby so the dogs could be off leash except for the larger dogs that were there so we kept a close watch on our little ones. 

I know MC really enjoyed the swimming but Wendell and Bijoux, well, I'm not so sure about them. Romeo, the Bichon Frise, and Monty wanted nothing to do with the water. Monty's goal for the day was to dig a hole large enough for all the dogs to hide in and Romeo wanted to watch and stay clean. After the beach we all came back to the house for hamburgers and hotdogs along with conversation!

MC swimming

MC and Heidi - after a swim!

Bijoux's back end and Wendell soaking wet.

MC is behind Wendell who has started to shake shake shake. Bijoux is coming out of the water too.

Sharon tries to get Monty interested in Frisbee.

Romeo walks away while Wendell supervises Monty's digging.

Bijoux after a swim.

MC wondering why she is soooo wet!

Bijoux starting to dry off.

MC covered in sand but looking happy!!


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