Our visit to Tarpon Springs, having lunch on a bench, and playing tourist....

Heidi, Sharon and Nedda along with Mon Cherie, Monty, and Bijoux "did lunch" in Tarpon Springs - the dogs created quite a stir as we walked down the streets and checked out all the shops along the way. We even stopped in a speciality dog store but didn't see anything worthy of our dogs!!!

Of course the dogs had to share our lunch - and boy did they ever enjoy it!!! They were more excited than the humans I think.

Monty, Bijoux, and Mon Cherie

We did find a store that was named after Bijoux, 

Here is a wonderful picture of Heidi and a laughing Mon Cherie!  I think Heidi found MC's funny bone and was tickling her to get her to laugh!

I'm snapping the picture while everyone else takes a rest!


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