It's Party Time.....The day started early, around 10 am with the first guests arriving 
amid lots of barking and hugs and kisses from both canines and humans...The festivities - 
the talking, eating, more talking, more eating, playing with the dogs, picking up the dogs, 
changing dogs, more talking, more eating, more kisses from the dogs continued until the 
early evening - around 6 pm. I believe the last guest left. I can't begin to add ALL the 
pictures that were taken from this wonderful day but here are some to give you an 
idea of what went on that day.....

It's hard to see in this picture but Monty was jumping up and off the ground trying to get to the love of his life, Romeo, the Bichon.

The dogs had their own "necessary" room 
or "facilities" just in case.....
We try to make the food fun for everyone.....  
Dog Cookies were good enough for people to eat.....

These really really were for people..... And so were these.....anything for people 
had the label with the human footprint.....
it said "I'm for Humans"!

Even the dogs had their special dessert.....

If something was strictly for the dogs we put 
this paws label that said "I'm For Dogs!" next to the recipe.

Dessert - Baileys Irish Cream, Double 
Vanilla Ice Cream and a Shaggy Dog Coton Cake....YummY...Someone even made an 
ice cream float and some had Baileys and Ice Cream.....


At a party there are party I made some eyeglass cases, 
and using the dogs' pictures I decoupaged or painted them onto 
glass plates. There also were some doggie related magnets and 
window stickers for everyone to take home. 




Pre-Party Party

Day of the Party - Saturday
Sunday at the Beach Tarpon Springs
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People, People, People and their dogs....