First ever Pre-Party Party was held on Friday, March 24, 2006 - because we had so many guests from out of town we decided to get together for some conversation, lunch, and ice cream!

At the house, treats were shared......

Sweet Harley!

The back yard, also known as the "kennel area"

Heidi had special treats for the doggies at the house.

I think Wendell and Harley really like these treats!

Susan and Harley enjoy the outdoors.

Barney tries on a hat to shield his eyes from the sun. I don't think it stayed on too long!

Jeri adjusts Naomie's hair bows.

Jeri has a lapfull of Cotons! Naomi and Mon Cherie, I think. 

Heidi relaxes in the grass with Barney, Wendell and Mon Cherie

Sherry S. plays with Bijoux.

Nedda and Bijoux chat with Jeri.

Heidi relaxes with Mon Cheri.


Lunch time.....

Sherry S. and Gracie from Indiana await their lunch!

Bijoux sits comfortably at the restaurant. This was all new to her!

Barney gets a pet from Valerie while MC looks on.

Here's a close up of MC - Valerie is using her to play peek-a-boo!

Ice Cream for dessert.....

MC waiting patiently for her ice cream.

Gracie looking adorable while waiting for something to happen.

Sharing like good children should!

Barney and MC share a cone. Barney needs a napkin!

These two look like pros!

My tongue's bigger than your tongue!!!!

One lick for MC, one for Barney and one for Heidi!

Pre-Party Party

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