Another glorious day in Florida so we decided to spend some time at Honeymoon Island State Park, which is also known as Honeymoon Island beach where dogs are allowed to swim and play in the sand. The ranger came by and told us we had to have our dogs on leashes at all times so we reluctantly complied. But it was the wise thing to do because later on some big dogs came to the beach and we felt safer with ours on leashes. 

This was the first time at the beach for many of the dogs - but boy did they have fun fun fun!!!

The first few pictures are of my Wendell thoroughly enjoying himself.....











And now some pictures of others enjoying 
the day as well...

This is our Sherry S. holding her Gracie. 

MC, Nao, Wendell, greeting another little white dog but Monty doesn't seem interested!

This is either Harley or MC relaxing on the beach.

Sharon, Nedda, Susan, Heidi, Jeri, Sherry with Monty, Wendell, Bijoux, Harley, Mon Cherie, Naomie, Gracie.

Susan and Harley give the day the "thumbs up!"



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