Have you ever tried to find a pea in a pod?? Hard to tell them apart, so after the first couple of parties we tried to find a way to tell one dog from the other. The first year we hand painted the guest dog's names on simple bandanas. Last year we made bandanas and collars and decorated them with beads, rhinostones, ribbons, and other assorted trims.  This year we did pretty much the same thing except we added a new twist - we elasticized some of the collars hoping they would stay on the dogs a bit better without twisting. The hard part was finding the right size for each dog but since some collars also tied, we were hopeful that everyone would be able to find a collar that they liked and that fitted their dog(s). 

We do name tags for the people and collars for the dogs...

Here are a some close up pictures of some of the 95 collars that were made for the day.....


Bijoux's special outfit

Wendell's special collar





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