Outside the house, there were people and dogs all running around, playing, sitting on the grass, laying on the grass, talking, eating, and everything in-between. 

Barney and Mikko
Valerie and Vicky are the humans; Vicky is holding Jake and Liza Jane.

Barney, Bailey, Rippley are the dogs I recognize.

Bailey Boo is front and center with a big grin.

Victoria and Chloe with ?
Cathy and Jim are surrounded by dogs.


Jim Luippold and his family of Cotons

Carole is carrying Lissie to make sure she doesn't run away AGAIN!

Beanie T. Bear walking around.

Rhoda Elkies from NY doesn't realize she is missing the fun of watching the dogs like the Freehafer Family is doing.


Jim McManus, Nedda, chat with the Sanders family from Albany, NY.

Robyn R. and Vicky L. relax with Cookie in Robyn's lap

Pat Enright gets ready to take pictures of the dogs with Sandy Passick holding Mauvi.  Julie's Sidney (black and white) watches.

Nedda chats with Carmen and Mikko. Carolyn Brooke is in the background.

Sara France shares a table with Moneer and Joe Greenbaum while their daughter, Arielle holds Reggae.

Sara France's dogs in their ex-pen while Susan A. talks to Sherry Schneider. 

Senia Feiner, George Scott, and Julie Zarn holding Sidney.

4 happy happy dogs!

Diane S., Carmen B., Bruce K., Valerie H., and Sandy C. watch the dogs play.

Marc Klahr, our Chief of Margueritas and BBQ, with one of the dogs who looks like they want one of those kabobs!  Chloe Rose, owned by Victoria P. is the culprit!

Bob Farrell and Jim Luippold meet the dogs at the entrance to the garage where the name tags and collars were located (in case of rain).

Jeri McLees and Naomie hiding in the flowers.

Diane Silverman and Diana Leipertz chat on the deck.

Gina, Jeannie, Karen, David Kim (hidden), Julie and Igor on the deck.

Bonnie Roseman, Tony Messina and Jazzman

Eleanor Gosse, Arielle G., Sara France, Marieve and Zorro. 

Gathering on the deck for lunch.


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