Lots of activities were going on inside the house as well as outside the house - all involved dogs of course!

Julie is feeding Napoleon cake to her Sidney while Oliver waits his turn.

This is Amazing Gracie standing up while 
being watched by one of the Loving dogs, Bailey Boo . 
This was actually at the Best Western.

Carmen B., from Toronto, Susan A. from Dallas, 
and Victoria P., from NY with a puppy.

Nedda, Karen, Victoria and Vicky - the Fab Four!

The Freehafer girls think the adults are a bit crazy. Nedda and Karen acting up while Marvin walks away.

Beanie T. Bear gets his share of the Napoleon cake too from Vicky.

The UCARE table with Robyn's Scott's Peach-Vanilla Preserves and Sara France's home made Maple Syrup. The brochures are from Naomie's campaign for Governor of California. 



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