Guests of Honor

We were honored to have guests coming from 
Canada and several areas of the United States. 


Dogs and their Human companions


Bijoux de la Brume Oceane, a Coton de Tulear
Wendell de Dogg, a West Highland White Terrier

     Marvin & Nedda Honig, Melrose, NY & Palm Harbor, Fla
     Sylvia Honig, Nassau, NY 
(owns a Lab-Shepard mix, a Newfoundland, and a Norwegian Elkhound , all of which were left at home.
Chloe Rose, a Luippold Coton de Tulear
     Victoria Petrofsky, New York, NY 
Lissie, an Oakshade Rescue and Boo, Cotons de Tulear 
     Carole Noe, Richmond, VA
Liza Jane of Fairview Cottage and another little pup
      Carolyn Brooke, Norristown, PA
Amazing Gracie, a Coton de Tulear
     Sherry Stark, Columbus, Indiana 
Jacquot and Janette, Cotons de Tulear
Ritzi, a Bouvier de Flanders

      David & Benedicte Salmon, Larchmont, NY
Disney, a Coton de Tulear
     Diane Silverman, Westchester, NY
Toulee, a Coton de Tulear
     Diana Teommey Leipertz, Hopewell Junction, NY
     George Teommey, Del Ray Beach, Fla
     Fred Leipertz, Port Washington, NY
Brie, a Coton de Tulear
     Diane M. Roche & Kelsey Roche, Southbury, CT
     Brendan and Kelsey Roche
     Sherry Schneider, San Antonio, Texas
     Paula Fazio, New City, NY
     Amanda Fazio, New City, NY
     Sherry owns several Cotons but didn't bring them with her.
Mikko of La Cotonniere, a Coton de Tulear
      Carmen Benoit, Toronto, Canada
Guimauve Annan (Mauvi) of Diamondkrest Cotons
     David Barnett and Sandy Passick, New York, NY
(LouLou) Symphony´s Wish You Were Here, a Coton deTulear
     Andrew Brod, New York, NY 
Kaci of Luppold
      Connie and George Scott, Niskayuna, NY
Serena de la  Cotonnerie and Gabrielle of Luippold, Cotons de Tulear
     Jim & Cathy McManus, Preston, Ct.
Daisy of Commack Cottage,  Coton de Tulear
     Debbie & Joey Simonelli, Massapequa, NY
Magnum, Coton de Tulear
     Eleanor & Roy Gosse, Weston, Ct.
Naomie (Nao), Coton de Tulear
     Jeri McLees, Elk Grove, CA
Sterling's Oliver & Sidney of Keystone Cotons
     Julie Zarn, New York, NY
     Igor Goranovic, New York, NY
Rock Candy (Bentley) of Merry Hearts, Coton de Tulear
      Karen & Marc Klahr, Scarsdale, NY
Fudge Ripple (Rippley) of Merry Hearts, Coton de Tulear
     Laurie & Doug Freehafer, Ballston Spa, NY
     Claire & Lydia Freehafer, Ballston Spa, NY
Coco of Luippold, a Coton de Tulear
     Denise and Robert Farrell, Marlbourgh, MA
     Jackie and Bobby Farrell
Mr. Big of Little Blessings Cotons, a Coton de Tulear
     Gerald Popkin, New York, NY
     Jon King, New York, NY
Magali of Sterling and Monet of Luippold
     Jim Luippold, Amherst, MA
BarKen's Happy Too Go Lucky and Casper Pochacco de la Cotonnerie, Cotons de Tulear
     Jeannie Lee and David Kim, Rutland, Vermont
Roxie of Luippold, a Coton de Tulear
      Lynn Johnson, Clifton Park, NY
      Lauren and Jenna Johnson
Blue, a Silky Terrier
      Gina Yi, Boston, MA
Halle of Keystone Cotons, a Coton de Tulear
      Mark and Senia Feiner, New York, NY
Soleil de la Cotonniere, a Coton de Tulear
      Moneer and Joe Greenbaum, McLean, VA & Lake Champlain, NY
      Arielle Greenbaum
Honee of Luippold, a Coton de Tulear
       Myrna and David Sanders, Albany, NY
       Mollie Lipschitz, Albany, NY
Tango de la Cotonnerie, a Coton de Tulear
       Nancy Brush, Dario Preger, Needham, MA
       Rebecca Preger, Needham,MA
Monty and Sammy, Cotons de Tulear
       Nancy Davis, Groveland, MA
       Julie Vaiani, New York
Giselle and Matisse of DiamondKrest Cotons de Tulear
       Pat Enright, Lindenhurst, NY
Molly de Montarville, a Coton de Tulear
       Rhoda and Bernard Elkies, New York, NY
Sophie of Savikko, a Coton de Tulear
      Robin Young, New York, NY
Cookie of Sterling, Marco de Chantilly, Cotons de Tulear
      Robyn Rosenthal, Sterling, VA
Charles de Montarville, a Coton de Tulear
      Sandra Carlson, Greyslake, Illinois
Cabotine de la Cotonnerie
      Marieve Piche, Quebec, Canada
Cotonnerie Zorro,  Cotonnerie Loulou, Ninja de la Chaumière du Lac, Reggae de l'Écho des Élingues, all Cotons de Tulear
      Sara France St. Pierre, Quebec, Canada
      Susan Armoni, Dallas, Texas
      Susan owns Jacey and Taylor but had to leave them home. 
Jazzman of Lily Hill, a Coton de Tulear
      Tony Messina and Bonnie Roseman, New York, NY
Barney of Diamondkrest, a Coton de Tulear
      Valerie Herts and Bruce Kalnitzky, Long Island, NY
Bailey Boo and Beanie T. Bear, a Coton de Tulear and a Maltese
       Vicky Loving, Chester Springs, PA
Cotonniere PomPom, a Coton de Tulear
       Robin and Richard Zimmer, New York, NY
       Justin and Austin Zimmer, New York, NY


Guests from out of town meet at the Best Western in Troy to caravan to the party.


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