Since the party WAS for the dogs, here are some pictures of just Dogs, Dogs, and more Dogs......

Cotonniere Cabotine and Cotonniere PomPom

White dog with blue scarf....


Barney of DiamondKrest came with 
Valerie H.  and Bruce K.


Zorro came with Sara France but went home 
with Jim and Cathy of Lily Hill. 
Rippley (Fudge Ripple of Merry Hearts)
Pat Enright's Matisse of DiamondKrest.

Casper and Happy running in close up and close formation!

Mikko and Happy playing.

We don't know who these two are but they are having fun so it doesn't matter!

Cookie of Sterling and another dog....

Bailey, Marco, Jazzman

Daddy Marco chasing son Beanie...

Bijoux in her skirt....

What can we say? Dogs will be dogs!!

Ritzi, our favorite Bouvier des Flanders comes with David and Benedicte from Long Island. Ritzi hasn't missed one of our parties!

These belong to Sara France from Canada.

I am told this is Jeri's Naomie, who is running for Governor of California!

Wendell and Bijoux all dressed up.
Wendell and a friend.
Ritzi got stuck in the bushes and had to be helped out.

Checking out the the pen is Zorro and Serena de la Cotonnerie; outside is Sidney sniffing butt....



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