I do believe these people love their dogs, don't you agree???

Marvin and Bijoux

Bob F. with Jim L's Magali and Coco

Vicky L. and Jake de la Cotonnerie and Liza Jane of Fairview Cottage.

Bobby F., Jim Luippold, Bob F., and Jackie F. 

Claire and Lydia surround their dad, Doug F., with Rippley (laying down) and friend. 

Jim with Magali and Monet

Arielle G. with Cotonniere Zorro

Jenna with Roxie, Lynn with Magali, Lauren, Connie with Kaci and George. 


Gerry and Jon with Mr. Big

Sherry Schneider is looking at Mikko while holding Ninja from Sara France. Note, Ninja is Mikko's daddy... see any resemblance?

Pat Enright with Giselle of DiamondKrest

Sandy C. and Charlie

Andy Brod and three cotons.

Igor is hiding behind Julie Z. and holding Julie's Oliver and Sidney. 

Igor G. is holding Nao who looks pretty happy about it. 

Bijoux gets to taste some Napoleon Cake.

Jeannie Kim with Casper, Happy, Sidney (the dark one), and one unknown Coton.

Sara France is carrying Zorro

Pat Enright is carrying Giselle

Marieve Piche with Zorro and LouLou.

David Barnett and Mauvi.

Molly Lipshitz and Honee of Luippold.

Jeannie Kim and  Casper, with Sidney in the background.

Vicky, the Pied Piper of Cotons...

I am not sure who the top dog is but the Silky Terrier is named Blue and came with Gina.


Senia Feiner and Halle.

Vicky and Karen talk, while Nedda holds Bijoux.

Laurie Freehafer holding a coton with a red collar!

Victoria P. kissing Chloe.



Mikko loves his Mommy, Carmen.


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