East Coast Coton Gathering

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The people and dogs may look the same but the pictures are different and I hope you enjoy them.....

Benedicte Caneill with possibly might be one of Suzanne's puppies.

Carol Noe talking with CC Spiliotis.

CC Spiliotis holding Luna on the left, and Cherie Amour on the right - both are from her Crabapple Crossing's kennel.

Chloe and Wendell are watching what is happening around them. Notice both have their tongues out - indication of play time before then.

Here's a close up of Chloe resting on the grass.

One of the young ladies tries to get a picture of the dogs resting.

Robin Messer is getting ready to say goodby to Marvin; Sherry Schneider, David Salmon and Paul Ofman confer about a puppy hidden in Sherry's arms.

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Click on the thumbnails to see a bigger picture, then use your BACK BUTTON to return to this page.

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Jazzman and Wendell are hanging around waiting for cake....

Laurie Freehafer, Rippley and another Coton.

I believe this is Claire Freehafer playing "catch me if you can" with the dogs.

Catch your breath, get a cup of coffee and get ready for another batch of pictures of pooches and people below.....


Are those Krispy Kreme's Lindsay and Ann are after?

The Ofman Family of NY - Ursula, Paul, Julia and Kaitlin.

I know you have heard of Oliver Wendell Holmes, but this is Oliver, Wendell and Disney (in the red collar).

Renee Miller with Barney. Barney became Mr. Big after he went home to his new forever family at the end of the party.

This young lady isn't a Coton, but Ritzi, a Bouvier des Flanders, who lives with two Cotons.

Suzanne Lavigne and Elena Puig share smiles in the kitchen.

Suzanne, Jane, Lindsay and Lacey, Ann and ?, Jeri and Nao, and Dale.

Disney, owned by Diane Silverman, and Wendell de Dogg, the Honig's West Highland White Terrier who love to hunt geckos, squirrels, and other critters.

How many dogs can you find in this picture?   There really are three - Wendell, Chloe (hiding out under the others), and Sidney.

And one last one of everyone's favorite Westie, Wendell de Dogg, the canine host for the day.