East Coast Coton Gathering

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This year, our 4th Annual East Coast  Gathering of Cotons from around the country and around the world took place on September 21, 2002, a glorious Saturday, starting at 11 am and ending whenever the last guest left for a good night's sleep. Actually, this turned out to be around 8 pm. when Renee Miller and her mom, Paula, led CC Spiliotis-Hill and Laurie Spalding Russell back to the Best Western - Rensselaer Inn where they and several others were staying. 

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With approximately 83 human and 54 canine guests it is difficult to describe the excitement, the chaos, the glee, the joy, the renewal of friendships old and the making of friendships new that occurred throughout the day. Guest List

Our guests came from as far away as California, Canada,  and Puerto Rico,  to as close as Ballston Spa, NY.  About 30 families came who had never been to one of our Gatherings before and we hope they will come again!

Guests were not limited to just one "club" affiliation and  ALL  affiliations,  "clubs",  and organizations for Coton de Tulear dogs were represented.  Many,  many guests were not members of any organization and were here because they just love their Coton and wanted to see more representatives of the breed.   

The guest list included several breeders although the majority of the folks were like us, owners of PETS, who love their dogs! Our local newspaper the Albany Times-Union sent a reporter and photographer to do a story about the party. It is a great story and was written from the dogs' point of view. BYOB Meant Bring Your Own Bowl

Due to the generosity of several people we were able to have a raffle for some Dog, no Door Prizes. We weren't giving away doors but we did have some stuffed dogs!  
Door Prizes

For the first time ever we combined the party with an unexpected way of raising some funds for UCARE, the non-club affiliated Rescue organization for Cotons from all family backgrounds. Over $300.00 was raised today. If you are a Coton de Tulear, UCARE will rescue you.  UCARE

Kibble & Bits, that's what the dogs thought they would be eating but thanks to a special couple, Karen and Marc Klahr of Scarsdale, NY, both the dogs and the humans had a special dessert. 

Everyone was taking pictures - inside the house, outside the house, all around the house - just click on the links to view them all - I want to give a special thanks to the following people for sending me their pictures - Vicky Loving, Zee Ashworth, Jane Arrington, Jim Luippold, David Salmon, Jeri McLees, Laurie Freehafer,  and of course, Marvin Honig.  As I get more pictures from more people I will add them and their names here.  I just received and scanned in some pictures from Debbie Simonelli and Bonnie Roseman - go to the More Pictures page to view these latest pictures.  Victoria Petrofsky sent in a selection of pictures and they can be viewed at the page entitled, Victoria's Secrets!

   Shortly after the party one of Renee Miller's puppies went to the Rainbow Bridge. For those of you who might not know what the Rainbow Bridge is, it is the place where dogs who have died are waiting for their owners to greet them once again, but this time the dog is no longer suffering the ailments or illnesses it had while on earth!  A special page has been created to celebrate Little Blessings' Pebbles short but happy life. To see these pictures, please go to the page entitled Pebbles.

This year I have included a special page with some favorite links, including links to UCARE, previous parties we have hosted, as well as breeders of Coton de Tulear dogs.  Special Links 

Please enjoy the website and the pictures, check back often for new pictures will be added as I receive them.

Note: Some of the pictures may take longer to load than others, so please be patient. I have tried to make them load as fast as possible for those on a dial-up system.


Home Guests of Honor BYOB Door Prizes UCARE Kibbles & Bits People and Dogs Dogs Pebbles More Pictures Victoria's Secrets Inside the House Outside the House Special Links


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