East Coast Coton Gathering

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Let's sniff out the GUESTS OF HONOR, both human and canine....


Wendell de Dogg, West Highland White Terrier
Bijoux de la Brume Oceané, Coton de Tulear
    Nedda and Marvin Honig, Melrose, NY
Sasha, Coton de Tulear
    Allan & Anita Skole,  Longmeadow, Fl
    Logan, their granddaughter

Guimauve Annan (Mauvi), Coton de Tulear
    David Barnett, New York, NY

(LouLou) Symphony´s Wish You Were Here, a  Cotons, Coton de Tulear
    Mr. & Mrs.  Andrew Brod, New York, NY 

Bandit de Montarville, Coton de Tulear  
(had to stay home)
    Ann Huntington, Mill Valley, CA 

Chase, Coton de Tulear
    Amy & Bruce Jaffe, Westchester, NY
    Greg, Brook, & Dana Jaffe
Sir Picasso de la Chaumiere du Lac, Coton de Tulear
    Jim McManus, Preston, Ct.

Jacquot & Janette, Cotons de Tulear
Ritzi, Bouvier des Flanders

    David Salmon & Benedicte Caneill, Larchmont, NY

Boo, Coton de Tulear
Lissie & Jeanne, Cotons (had to stay home)   
    Carole Noe, Richmond, VA
    Marion Noe, Richmond, VA

Lipstick de Montarville, Coton de Tulear 
Ginger, Sheltie 
(had to stay home)
    Dale Whyte, Santa Cruz, CA

Daisy of Commack Cottage, Coton de Tulear
    Debbie & Joey Simonelli, Massapequa, NY

Beemer, Coton de Tulear
    Candyce & David Corcoran, White Plains, NY

Brie, Coton de Tulear
    Diane  Roche, Southbury, CT
    Kelsey Roche

Disney, Coton de Tulear
    Diane Silverman, Westchester, NY

Fafe, Coton de Tulear
Monty, Standard Black Poodle
    Don & Carol Skole, Turners Falls, NY

Magnum, Coton de Tulear
    Eleanor & Roy Gosse, Weston, Ct.
    Toni Bird

Trésor de la Cotonnerie, Coton de Tulear
    Elena Puig, Cayey, Puerto Rico

Toulee, Coton de Tulear
    Diana Teommey, Hopewell Junction, NY
    George Teommey, Del Ray Beach, Fla
    Fred Leipertz, Port Washington, NY

Muffin & Harry, Rescue Cotons de Tulear 
(had to stay home)
    Jane Arrington, Dallas, TX

Naomie (Nao), Coton de Tulear
    Jeri McLees, Elk Grove, CA

Sterling's Oliver  & Sidney of Keystone Cotons,
Cotons de Tulear
    Julie Zarn, New York, NY

Rock Candy (Bentley) of Merry Hearts, Coton de Tulear
    Karen & Marc Klahr, Scarsdale, NY

Fudge Ripple (Rippley) of Merry Hearts, Coton de Tulear
    Laurie & Doug Freehafer, Ballston Spa, NY
    Claire & Lydia Freehafer, Ballston Spa, NY

Chantilly Lace (Lacey) of Dry Creek ,  Coton de Tulear
    Lindsay McConnell, Santa Cruz, CA

Tango Argentino de la Cotonnerie, Coton de Tulear
    Nancy Brush & Dario Preger, Needham, MA

Monty Angel Food of Merry Hearts, Coton de Tulear
Sammy Angel Cake of Merry Hearts, Coton de Tulear
    Nancy J. Davis, Groveland, MA
    Julie Vaiani

Luna of Crabapple Crossing, Coton de Tulear
    Paul & Ursula Ofman, New York, NY
    Kaitlin & Julia Ofman, New York, NY

Asha, Shayleigh, Pebbles, Barney & BamBam of 
Little Blessings, Cotons de Tulear
    Renee Miller, Myerstown, PA
    Gladys Miller, Myerstown, PA

Cookies and Creme of Sterling  (Cookiebunny)
Sterling's Gwynne of Bear Manor  (Sabrina) 
Sterling's Marco de Chantilly, Cotons de Tulear 
                (had to stay home)
    Robyn Rosenthal, Sterling, VA

Billy & NInja de la Cotonnerie , Cotons de Tulear
    Sara France St. Pierre, Nomininque, Quebec, Canada

Lexie, Beethoven, Bachi of Angel Cloud, Cotons de Tulear 
                (had to stay home)
    Sherry Schneider, San Antonio, TX
    Paula Fazio, Pomona, NY

Shai Sushi de l'Echodes Elinques, Coton de Tulear
Maria Von Trapp de Montarville, Coton de Tulear
Odysse de Montarville, Coton de Tulear
    Suzanne Lavigne & Andre Sauvé, St. Bruno,
    Quebec, Canada

Teeko, mixed breed (had to stay home)
Muppet, Norwegian Elkhound (had to stay home)
Travis, Newfoundland (had to stay home)
    Sylvia Honig, Nassau, NY

Jazzman, Coton de Tulear
    Tony Messina & Bonnie Roseman, New York, NY

Beanie T. Bear, Coton de Tulear
Bailey Boo, Maltese
    Vicky Loving, Chester Springs, PA

Chloe Rose D'Hiver of Luippold,  Coton de Tulear
    Victoria Petrofsky, New York, NY

Barnee, Coton de Tulear
    Valerie Herts & Bruce Kalnitzky, Roslyn, NY

Casou de Montarville, Coton de Tulear
    Zee Ashworth & Steve Losa, Mendon, VT

Cherie Amour of Crabapple Crossing, a Coton de Tulear
    CC Spiliotis-Hill, Alpharetta, GA

Magali & Mystique, Cotons de Tulear
    James Luippold, Amherst, MA 

Casey, a Coton de Tulear
    Kerin Colbert, Saratoga Springs, NY
    Sally Colbert, Sheila Colbert & Patricia Colbert

Bacci de la Cotonniere, a Coton de Tulear
    Lolita & Chris Zap, Rye, NY
    Alex & Chanelle Zap

Lexi, a Coton de Tulear
    Robin Messer, New Rochelle, NY

Barney of Little Blessings, a Coton de Tulear
came with Renee Miller, but left with 

    Gerry Popkin, New York, NY 
    and a friend of Gerry's, named John 
    (I never did get his last name)

    Laurie Spalding Russell, Windsor, NY

    Amanda ? a lovely young lady,  
    who came Sherry Schneider and Paula Fazio 

The humans wore name tags and the doggies got to take home custom made collars  - I would like to thank Victoria Petrofsky for the pattern.

Please note that if a dog doesn't have a "fancy" kennel name it is not the dog's fault but mine - I do not know it.

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