East Coast Coton Gathering

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CC Spiliotis, Laurie Spalding Russell, Robin Messer, Marvin, Robyn Rosenthal, Karen Klahr, Jane Arrington, Nedda and Toni Bird (in foreground) get ready to do the drawings for the door prizes.

    Door Prizes, or Dog Prizes,  as I kept calling them, 
were generously donated by
Gayle Martz of the Sherpa Company, www.sherpapet.com Gayle wanted to be with us this day but had to be in Paris. Thank you Gayle - your Sherpa Bags were much appreciated.  Gayle also donated some adorable small stuffed animals that were modeled after her Llasa and her Coton de Tulear.

Dario Preger & Nancy Brush share Elena Puig's excitement over winning one of the Sherpa Bags. Kerin Colbert and Benedicte Caneill watch and wait their turn to win (which they did later on)! The young girl in the foreground Claire Freehafer.

Dale Whyte had come all the way from Santa Cruz, CA just to win a great door prize!

Here is Diana Teommey and Fred Leipertz with Toulee and one of the stuffed SuNae Cotons.

Kerin Colbert from Saratoga Springs, NY came with his Coton, Casey, who will now be able to travel in style!

Jim McManus from Preston, CT will have a hard time deciding which of his Cotons to carry in this Sherpa bag!

Lindsay McConnell hopes her daughter likes this door prize - one of the small white stuffed Cotons.

Anita Skole from Longmeadow, MA chose one of the small stuffed doggies for her granddaughter, Logan (in the red shirt). Logan was one of the young ladies who helped draw the winning numbers.

Ann Huntington is watching on the left, and Lolita Zap, in pink, and Victoria Petrofsky (in black) enjoying the day.


 Laurie Freehafer, who writes party idea books for children,  was gracious enough to donate one for the raffle as well as a cute jade and gold dog bone necklace to be worn by your dog.  The litle girl who won her book was even able to have it personally autographed by the author!  www.smashingparties.com

Chanelle Zap from Rye, NY was the lucky young lady to win Laurie's book.

From Manhattan, NY, David Barnett will share this with his wife, Ariella, or his Coton, Mauvi. Ariella couldn't join him so this might be a present for her????

Zee Ashworth from VT (on the left) watches, while Laurie Spalding chats with Sherry Schneider from TX.

  We have many talented people in the Coton world and Dale Whyte is one of them.  She not only made some great dog collars as favors for the host and hostess dogs where she was staying and for us, but, she also sewed a great tote bag to carry all our goodies in.

Laurie Spalding Russell from Windsor, NY chose Dale's bag as her prize.

    Ed Wiestling of Ali's Treasures doesn't know that he
donated a door prize - and I want to thank him and hope he doesn't mind.  At last year's party he graciously gave us a gorgeous Christmas Tree Ornament decorated with a Coton de Tulear. I saved it and decided, since we do not celebrate Christmas to share it with someone who does. www.alitreasures.com

Robyn Rosenthal from Sterling, VA was the lucky lady to chose this prize. Robyn says she celebrates both holidays, Christmas and Chanukah so this is just perfect!


    Wendell de Dogg and Bijoux de la Brume Oceané, the canine host and hostess each donated a brand new doggie toy for some lucky dog or doggette to win. Thank you Wendell and Bijoux.

Claire Freehafer will be able to play with Rippley with this tennis ball on a handle prize.


Mrs. Andrew Brod brought some adorable human toys from the Oh My Dog line of Doggie grooming supplies. Everyone was supposed to get one that didn't win a door prize.


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