Carole's Pictures

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Our thanks go to Carole Noe, the mommy of Boo, for taking and sharing these pictures with us.

I recognize Boo, thanks to his bandana and the back of Kathy Hirsch's legs but I
don't recognize the dogs or other people's feet.


Brian Cige enjoying a coke while standing guard over the Weistling's kennel.


This might be Sylvie, who belongs to Diane Roche and her family.


Karen Weistling and her dogs.


Steve Pollack, Adrea Rubin, Ellen Tuchman, Brian Cige, Robin Young, Don Skole (his head) and Carol Skole are entertained by Boo and  Hampton (sniffing Boo).











Renee Miller, Gladys Miller (sitting in chair), Diane Roche
and Ed Weistling with their dogs.  Is Ed hiding from the camera?


He may have been hiding above but Carole caught him anyway!


Shari Cige and her puppy Silvie share some lunch.


Benedicte Canelli, ?, Diane Roche, and Wendell de Dogg relax on the hillside.


Robin Young with Sophie at her feet, George Teommey and Toulee, his wife
Diana chat with Diane Silverman, Lisa Pollack, and Adrea Rubin and
others who are in the next picture.

Adrea Rubin, Ellen Tuchman with Isabel, and Steve Pollack relax on another
side of the house.



I am not sure where Carole and her mom will sleep but someone is very comfy!

Carole's Mom, Marion and Boo wait to order dinner in Bennington, VT.


I am sure everyone knows who these guys are by now.....


On their way home to Virginia, Carole and her mom, Marion
visited Vicky Loving and her dogs, Bailey Boo (on her lap),
Boo on the left and her Beanie Bear on the right.